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Our passion for state-of-the-art solutions and the successful coordination of complex projects is our greatest motivation. We love working in interdisciplinary teams and use new ideas as fuel for our own innovations.

Together with our customers, we create devices with a unique and tangible emotional identity, much valued by their users.

At the same time, we improve the daily user experience of many people and thus simplify their interactions with technical devices in numerous areas.

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We combine usability, premium design, and innovative functions in connected devices.

[Translate to English:] Interdisciplinarity


Our development teams are continuously perfecting their interdisciplinary collaboration.

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By intelligently connecting devices, we create enormous improvements for manufacturers and their customers, the users.



Cooperation, sustainability, excellence, and benevolence – these four fundamental guidelines are at the core of our value system.


T +49 8105 77839-882

82205 Gilching near Munich

Your value added distributor for professional displays and touchscreens. HMI glass touch fronts, IoT solutions, support, system integration and logistics.

Achieve your goals better, cheaper and faster with professional B2B solutions.

Value Added Services DIN ISO 9001