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Value added distribution of displays, touch screens, and HMI-devices

Value Added Distribution

Since 1975, we have been providing our customers with professional display and touch screen solutions that include HMI glass touch panels, professional support, system integration, and logistics. Ultratronik Vertriebs GmbH is committed to offering you the best range of renowned brands and extensive value-added services.

As a customer of Ultratronik Distribution, you will benefit from far more than a mere distribution of products. Besides our professional business-to-business solutions, technical support, optical bonding, and assembly are the most sought-after services that will enable you to achieve your goals better, easier, and more cost-efficiently.

Ultratronik Vertriebs GmbH is an UX Gruppe company.




T +49 8105 77839-882

82205 Gilching near Munich

Your value added distributor for professional displays and touchscreens. HMI glass touch fronts, IoT solutions, support, system integration and logistics.

Achieve your goals better, cheaper and faster with professional B2B solutions.

Value Added Services DIN ISO 9001