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Touch Sensors Light-touch (like smartphones) operations
Light-touch (like smartphones) operations

Although designed for industrial use, the DUS Series offers smooth intuitive touch operation.


Touch Sensors  Multi-touch gesture operations
Multi-touch gesture operations

Multi-touch operation supports up to 10 points. Suitable for gesture operations such as flicking and zooming.


Touch Sensors High Quality Finish
High-quality finishing

High transparency enhances clearness compared with resistive prouducts. Clear and highly visible display.


Touch Sensors  Flat-surface design
Flat-surface design

Cover lens reduces bezel gap and realizes flat, stylish designs. Keeps screen free of dust and water.


Touch Sensors  Exclusive touch screen driver
Exclusive touch screen driver

The DMC touch driver establishes a stable mufti-monitor environment and enables functions that the standard Windows driver does not have, functions such as coordinate rotation and touch sound setup.


Touch Sensors  Allows gloved-hand operations
Allows gloved-hand operations

The DMC controller allows a range of sensitivity settings. Input can be adjusted for optimum sensitivity in environments where gloves are required.


Touch Sensors  Designed for use even under rough conditions
Designed for use even under rough conditions

The DUS Series glass structure offers high durability, humidity resistance, and protection against ultra-violet rays.


Touch Sensors
Proposals for individual use environment

Customers can choose analog/ digital, resistive single-touch/ multi-touch, and capacitive types suitable for individual purposes and environments.


Touch Sensors wide range of sizes
A wide range of sizes

We offer a wide range of touch screen sizes for individual business styles and environments.



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