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Custom HMI Glass Touch Fronts

Ultratronik is your one-stop shop for HMI glass touch solutions

HMI glass touch solutions
  • Matched components: touch, touch controller, TFT display, front glass, wiring, backlight power supply, and mechanics
  • Manufacturing of glass panels and mechanical components
  • Bonding (acryl glass, silicone, DSA)
  • Packaging and logistics
  • Complete assembly

Selecting the right glass


HMI glass touch panels use technical plate glasses manufactured by using the float glass technique. We offer a selection of different glasses and plastics:


  • Soda Lime: Lime natron plate glass is the most commonly used glass for HMI glass touch panels
  • Soda Lime Low Iron: Lime natron glass with a low percentage of iron. For ideal transparency without any green cast
  • Aluminosilicate Glass: Extremely sturdy due to its high percentage of aluminium and matched tempering. Also known as Gorilla®, Xensation®, or Dragontrail®
  • Borosilicate Glass: Exceedingly resistant to chemicals and very temperature-resistent as a result of its high percentage of boric oxide


  • PMMA: Polymethyl Methacrylate, also known as acrylic glass or Plexiglas®
  • PC: Polycarbonate with a low thermal expansion coefficient and a high resistance to breaking (shatterproof)

Glass processing and imprinting


  • Scoring and breaking with hard metal wheels inside our CNC-systems as standard procedure
  • Water jet cutting for elaborate outlines or cutaways
  • Drilling of openings

Surface processing

  • Etching: Instead of the standard glossy surface, we offer etching for creating a satin-finished “Antiglare“ surface
  • Coating/tempering: The application, thermical evaporation deposition, or sputter deposition of layers of Antireflex (AR), Anti-Smudge (AS), or Anti-Fingerprint (AF) reduces reflections and improves the appearance
  • Sanding and polishing: Applying a reccess as a finger guide and restoring glossy areas, for example for camera lenses

Edge processing

  • Milling and trimming as lined-, beveled-, or C-cuts
  • Polishing for glossy side surfaces


  • Chemical tempering for ideal mechanical stability, sturdiness, and flexural yield strength
  • Thermic tempering for the manufacturing of  thermally toughened safety glass


  • Organic two-component screen and pad printing for an extensive variety of colors
  • Ceramic burn-in printing for ideal adhesion and durability
  • Digital screen printing for an unlimited choice of themes
  • Translucent printing for “vanishing“-effect of LEDs and light sensors
  • Spaced lettering for the elimination of transparency

Choosing the best touch technology

Touch Technology

In addition to design, usability and serviceability are becoming increasingly important in order to differentiate products on the market. That is why our experts support you in the selection of optimal interaction and touch technologies, using both selected use cases and your defined environmental conditions. We offer:


  • Projective capacitative glass or sheet touch sensors for continuous HMI front glasses

Touch controller tuning

  • Fine-tuning ensures sensitivity, filters, and algorithms are perfectly suited to your use cases and environmental conditions

Finding the right TFT display

TFT Display Module

Our display portfolio offers industrial TFT display modules from leading manufacturers for all professional applications. Your choose from:

  • Longtime availabily
  • Operating temperatures ranging from -40° to +80° C
  • LED life expectancy up to 100,000 h
  • Premium brightness and contrast
  • Several interfaces (LVDS, TTL or eDP – optinally available with CRTtoLCD converter)
  • Premium viewing angle, IPS


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