Value Added Distribution

We believe in value added distribution – an approach we implement consistently and thoroughly. As a customer of Ultratronik Distribution, you will benefit from far more than a mere distribution of products. Services that create real value will enable you to achieve your goals better, easier, and more cost-efficiently.
With more than 40 years of experience, you can rely on our specialization in all major embedded HMI components, such as TFT displays, touchscreens, and HMI glass touch fronts. Ultratronik Distribution is your professional business-to-business service provider, offering not only  professional solutions, but also extensive value added-, supply chain-, and sales-services.

Value Added Services

Supply Chain Services

  • Life Cycle Costing Management
    We support your evaluation of the actual emerging costs over the complete life cycle.
  • RMA
    We enable you to quickly and easily return damaged products.
  • Optimizing of your Logistics
    Benefit from logistical support by our trained experts.
  • Deliveries of sets
    Optimize stock-keeping and production with Ultratronik´s just-in-time-delivery of tailor-made display-sets.
  • Logistical concepts
    No matter the design of your logistic approach, we can help with implementing your ideas in an ideal way.
  • Packaging
    Packaging is a multifaceted subject. Our trained professionals offer you valuable knowledge ranging from sustainable, reusable packaging to optimization of logistics and production.

Sales Services

We are your reliable partner for product selection, systems integration, and cost improvement.